Your training camp for the perfect preparation

Especially professional teams from the major leagues in many different types of sports like to use the summer break for a training camp to prepare for the upcoming season. But also in the amateur field, a training camp for both the athletes and the coach could be very useful. Regardless of whether you are planning a two-week training camp or a short one, we offer you the perfect conditions for an effective season preparation!

We offer training camps in the following hotels:

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From football to touring cars – You have come to the right place!

We are specialized in the accommodation tailored to sports club teams at NOVINA. We are also pleased to assist you with the implementation of training camps. We welcome not only the teams from the first, second and third divisions of the Bundesliga as our customers. Regularly, we welcome international handball, football and volleyball teams as well as teams from the German Touring Car Championship.

Discuss your plans with us in advance!

Phone: 0911/ 92 99 33 295

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