Important Information COVID-19

Due to the strict rules the free state of Bavaria has given us to dam the pandemic, we have had to work out some hygienic measures across all of our hotels.

  • Mask protection for all guests and employees in all public areas
  • Minimum distance (at least 1,5 m) for all guests and employees in the whole hotel
  • The receptions are seperated by a glass between employee and guest
  • Please only 1 guest in the revolving doors (entrance/exit to the lobby)
  • Only 1 person per elevator, except people in a common household
  • We prefer contactless card payment
  • All room cards are disinfected
  • All door handles (rooms as well as public areas) are desinfected several times a day by our staff
  • You can find disinfectant dispenser in all public areas of the hotel, please use them

Please be assured that the safety of our guests and staff is a top priority. We do our best to offer you a
pleasant and relaxing stay despite the strict requirements.

Further, hotel-specific information can be found under the following link

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